Weight Control

Weight Control

We need food to survive but, by eating too much, the unused energy is stored as fat. For whatever reason, if we start to eat too much, we start a habit which is hard to stop. Dieting has become a multi-billion pound industry. Often diets can only be maintained for a short-time as we seek comfort in food. The diet is abandoned and the weight goes up again, welcome to yo-yo dieting!

Eating can be very emotive. Most of us have been programmed to clear our plate since we were young or been comforted with food when we’ve had a hard day. Advertising messages are everywhere and the latest diets dominates the media. Food sometimes takes on too much importance in people’s lives.

Finding The Answer combines the most effective methods of Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and advanced hypnotherapy, to put you back in control. If a client is over-eating for a particular emotional reason it can be looked at and we work together to find a better way for that person to feel good. If event’s in the past triggered off the over-eating, they can be examined with today’s more adult, objective eyes and the hurt healed allowing the client to move on feeling better about themselves.

ITVs “Celebrity Keep Fit Club” employed their own hypnotherapist as experts knew contestants may have to deal with subconscious emotional issues before taking on a new and effective eating habit.
We’ll also address food cravings and help you lead a more relaxed, positive, life.
The weight control package is a course of therapy over 4 sessions, normally over 8 weeks and includes CDs and literature which will help you with all aspects of your life. You may be asked to do work at home and you need motivation to make that change. We can’t do it all for you but we can help you regain the habit you were born with and work with you with the approval of your GP if required.

Sessions with Finding The Answer will benefit you in ways you haven’t even considered yet!

Some Facts On Weight Loss:
• If you extend each mealtime by about four minutes – just by chewing more slowly – you will lose weight.

• If you do not eat breakfast you are likely to be overweight.

• Scientists have found that people often overeat when they are really Dehydrated . So try drinking water instead and drinking a glass of water before a meal reduces hunger.

• Research has shown that we take a third less exercise than our parents did a generation ago, and this has resulted in people being overweight, lethargic and more prone to illness.

• Exercise in the morning burns off more “fat” calories than later on in the day.

• People who are stressed tend to eat more comfort (high fat) foods.

• Walking is one of the most effective ways to burn off fat after a Meal and being positive and visualising yourself as slimmer really does work.

• People who are depressed about being overweight are more likely to get caught in the harmful cycle of skipping meals, only to comfort themselves with high fat foods later on in the day.

• A study at the Mayo Clinic in the USA showed that people who drink alcohol with their meals take in an average of 350 more calories than non-drinkers.

• Skipping meals often activates the body’s natural response to hold on to fat stores.  In the USA, a New England Journal of Medicine found that frequent small low-fat meals and snacks helped people burn more fat than if they ate 3 large meals a day.


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