Regression (Re-visiting Your Past)


Regression therapy is a process of personal growth. It involves using advanced hypnotherapy to bring to conscious awareness any appropriate troubling events from the past which, if left unresolved may very well have a negative impact on our day to day lives.  Unresolved issues often stem from situations in childhood, pre-natal states or even past lives. It’s returning to an often misunderstood  event to understand it better.

The word regression refers to the clients expectations of “going back” to an important past event where you can experience the event as though it were happening now.  All the previously experienced physical and emotional processes can be brought to full awareness and thoughts can be remembered again.  Client gets  “another chance” to really understand what previously went on, which for various reasons, they could not do originally.

Immense inner healing of past issues are often accomplished with the help of the facilitating hypnotherapist and many lives improved with an enhanced awareness of themselves to promote forgiveness.

Previous Misunderstandings and Misinterpretations Corrected
The you now may very well regress to when you were a child. As a child you thought as a child, behaved as a child and perceived as a child. As an adult you have the maturity to see things as they really are. With this additional information you can correcting any previously incorrect perceptions that were, long ago imprinted in your subconscious mind.

The Benefits
The benefits are immeasurable. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually treating the whole Mind, Body and Soul. 

No two regressions are the same and as each person is unique we work with your subconscious mind in allowing you to be directed to the area of your past that you need to access and learn from. Often if circumstances and time allow a number of different times and events will be re-visited to enable you to have an even deeper awareness of how you can bring about inner healing and understanding and all with the assistance with the therapist working with you.

Is There Anyone Who Should Not have Regression Therapy.
Generally speaking, most people who are aware that they have problems, have given their permission and are willing to work to resolve their deep rooted issues, are capable of having Regression Therapy.  However, anyone suffering from multiple personality, psychosis, schizophrenia or a manic depressive illness should approach a psychiatrist for further advice.

Do You Have To Believe In Past Lives.
There short answer is NO. We respect all people, their beliefs and religions and do not in any way wish to show disrespect.  It is not necessary to have a belief in reincarnation to benefit from the therapy.

Most clients are not interested in proving reincarnation or specific facts about a past event . They are in therapy to resolve personal issues regardless from what “past” they have come from .  Regression is an excellent tool to help them do just that.

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